Our Purpose


Planned Giving  Ministry  is a way  that every  Seventh-day  Adventist  member  can be involved   in  the mission of the Seventh-day   Adventist  Church to Reach the World for Jesus  Christ.  Along  with our colleagues   in the Stewardship  and Philanthropic  Ministry (PSI),   Planned  Giving   is on  the front-lines  of the economic  warfare  against  the arch terrorist,   Satan and all  those that align  with his plan to destroy the Kingdom of God on this  planet as well as the rest of the  universe.  We understand from scripture that this is no longer a possibility.  Yet by depriving   Satan of resources and making those resources available to the Global  Mission   of sharing the three angel's  messages to planet earth, we seek to include more people  in the Kingdom  of God.    This is the assignment   of the Planned Giving   and Trust Services   Ministry to assist   Seventh-day Adventist members in their final act of stewardship.