A.    To identify various people groups (nationality, language, culture, etc.)
B.    To determine which groups do not have an Adventist presence.
C.    To prioritize these unentered groups and develop strategies to reach them and start new groups of believers.

Division Adventist Mission coordinators are responsible for overseeing Global Mission initiatives in their territories. Coordinators should work with a committee to develop plans to reach new people groups and start new congregations. Coordinators are responsible for recruiting, training, and sending of Global Mission pioneers to these unentered areas and recommending annual funding for church planting projects.

Participative Funding
All levels of the church participate in funding Global Mission projects. Global Mission funds are meant to encourage increased allocations at the local level for starting new groups of believers in unreached territories and people groups.

Human Resources
In the early history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church lay members were usually the first wave of pioneers who volunteered to travel afar to start Adventist work in unentered areas. Today Global Mission pioneers are lay people who are trained to go into unentered areas to establish new Adventist congregation

Pioneer teams consist of lay people who receive a small living stipend so that they are able to work full-time on planting new congregations.

New believers

In planting a new congregation in an unentered area a sequence of events is planned, which eventually will culminate in starting a new body of self-sustaining belission church planting process. They help the church build more effective bridges to people from Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, urban, secular and postmodern backgrounds.

 The Global Mission Centers assist divisions in developing mission strategy. They help equip church leaders and lay people with the cultural, religious, and ideological sensitivity and skills needed to plant congregations.  

 The Office of Adventist® Mission cares for the centers by funding, supervising, and promoting their ministry.