The Global Mission Centers:

  1. Research the culture, beliefs, and practices of specific people groups in order to appropriately contextualize the gospel while remaining faithful to the biblical message.
  2. Develop context-sensitive materials, methods, and models in order to equip church leaders and members to effectively share the good news.
  3. Build bridges of understanding with major world religions and philosophies.
  4. Engage in demographic studies and related research to help world divisions understand their religious landscape.
  5. Work with pastors, missionaries, volunteers, and Global Mission pioneers as they experiment with approaches, methods, and models suitable for various settings. They seek to establish best practices in mission.
  6. Offer guidelines to division leaders in their plans to reach unreached people groups within their territories.
  7. Provide information about a variety of successful outreach methods, materials and field-based models.
  8. Offer training sessions, seminars, and Internet resources.
  9. Share field-tested tools, methods, approaches, guidelines, and practical steps for effective outreach in their areas of specialty.