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Does Your Church Need Facebook Ads?
by Felecia Datus at The Center for Online Evangelism

Let’s face it – most of the world’s population is online. One billion people log on to Facebook every day. This number includes people in the area around your church who you want to reach. Today, the question is no longer whether Seventh-day Adventists should have an online presence, but rather, how do we increase our presence? What can we do to be more effective at sharing the Gospel online? The answer lies partly in digital (specifically Facebook) ads.
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5 Ways to Develop Positive Media Relationships
by Dorie Clark for Huffpost 

You may think your little church or ministry organization doesn't have a chance at making it on prime time news or on the front page of your local paper. You'd be thinking wrong. You have a story that's worth telling, you just have to get it into the right ears. And a lot of that has to do with your relationship with the local media. Here are five tips on how to build that relationship--starting today and growing into the future.
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Top 10 Ways Thriving Churches Communicate
by Tyler Smith on Church Tech Today

Church communication can feel daunting at times, even for the most experienced church communicator or pastor. With so many church communication tools to use and channels to manage and monitor, it is crucial to avoid getting overwhelmed and to stay focused on sharing the most important messages. There are successful strategies and tech tools that thousands of thriving churches use to enhance and improve their communication. These strategies can actually help create a higher level of engagement and retention at all levels of your ministry.
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Tips for Low-Light Photography in Church
by Steven Boston on

If you would like--or have been asked--to take pictures without flash during the church service or in other low-light situations, you are likely aware that this is not an easy task. It is getting better with a number of the new cameras currently on the market, but if you already have a camera and want to utilize it to its full potential--low light or not--this article is for you.
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Best Podcast Equipment for Beginners & Pros
by Ross Winn on

Podcast recording equipment can be confusing to wade through and choose if you’re just starting out. There is a lot of podcast gear you can get but that doesn’t mean you need to get it all – and you can always expand your list of podcast equipment over time. You know the first two essential pieces of equipment you'll need are a computer and a microphone, but this article goes to the next step,  highlighting the audio recording equipment you will need, as well as some things you may want to get later, as you become more serious, to really build out a complete podcast studio. 
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